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What is the Good Vibe Tees Rewards Point Program?
Join Good Vibe Tees, collect points on every purchase and cash them out at some point on your next purchases.
A unique way to thank you for choosing us for your purchases! As a result, you will earn points for every product you purchase. Each Product has it owns set of points you will receive along with a number of points needed to redeem them. Products purchase via Teespring or Amazon don't count towards rewards program.

How do I register for the Good Vibe Tees Rewards Point Program?
Upon joining Good Vibe Tees, when you sign up to our website, you automatically participate in the Good Vibe Tees Rewards Point Program.
This way, you can benefit from the Good Vibe Tees Rewards Point Program for every purchase you make!

Where can I see the total number of points?
Points are collected through the purchase of any product you purchase on You can see the number of points you have collected in the My Account section.

How do I cash out my points?
You can redeem your points for T-shirts or Hoodies by clicking on the redeem button under any T-shirt or Hoodie that qualifies for the program. Points are only valid to redeem T-shirts or Hoodies and do not count towards shipping which will have to be paid to ship the product you are redeeming. 

Do my points expire?
The points you have collected through the Good Vibe Tees Rewards Point Program are valid for one year from the date when you collected them.

***Membership and rewards points are non-transferable. Rewards are redeemable for products only on and may not be redeemed for cash. Rewards points have no cash value. Offers and prices subject to change. 

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